Cherry wood palette - Custom Watercolor Set

Cherry wood palette - Custom Watercolor Set

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Italian made cherry wood, artisan case made in collaboration with Tintoretto of Arezzo is available with 9 custom A. Gallo watercolor pans of your choice or simply as is!

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This special palette holds 9 half pans and inside the underside compartment are 3 Tintoretto synthetic squirrel hair pocket brushes sizes 2-4-6. This hand-crafted palette comes inside a handmade 100% Italian linen bag with color chart. These 1327 series Tintoretto brushes have excellent color retention and softness, as well as great tip thinness and resistance to use.

Colors available:

Buff titanium

Antique gold

Lemon yellow

Royal yellow

Indian yellow (SOLD OUT)

Vermilion red

Scarlet red

Permanent carmine (SOLD OUT)

Perylene maroon

Transparent cerulean

Zirconium blue

Teal, cobalt-free

Ultramarine blue (SOLD OUT)

Lapis lazuli, genuine (SOLD OUT)

Mineral violet

Dioxazine violet (SOLD OUT)

Green earth, warm

Chromium oxide

Sap green (SOLD OUT)

Eco-friendly malachite

Viridian hue

Verdaccio (SOLD OUT)

Gold ochre (SOLD OUT)

Raw sienna (SOLD OUT)

Rosso Ercolano

Rosso Venezia

Rosso Sartorio

Burnt sienna

Burnt umber, cyprus warm

Burnt umber, dark


Payne's Gray

Indigo, genuine

Ivory black

Titanium white

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