Illumina collection - Handmade Watercolor set

Illumina collection - Handmade Watercolor set

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First edition Illumina collection inside a cherry wood, artisan case made in collaboration with Tintoretto!

This nine-color special edition palette is inspired by manuscript painting traditions. In the underside compartment are three Tintoretto synthetic squirrel hair pocket brushes sizes 2-4-6 and comes inside a handmade 100% Italian linen bag with color chart and first edition number. The 1327 series Tintoretto brushes included in this palette have excellent color retention and softness, as well as great tip thinness and resistance to use.

The colors we have crafted for the Illumina collection include:

Antique gold - PY43, warm metallic pigment

Lapis lazuli, genuine

Eco-friendy malachite - Egg shells and contemporary pigment blend

Mineral violet - PV16

Sepia - PBk9, PBr7

Royal yellow - PY154

Scarlet red - PR254

Perylene maroon - PR179

Viridian hue - PG7, PB29

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