Landscape 6 - Handmade Watercolor Kit

Landscape 6 - Handmade Watercolor Kit


A perfect pocket set for plein air sketching. Designed for mixing vibrant and intense foliage, skies, shadows, rocks, fields and water, all in a tiny package. Includes Italian gold ochre (PY43), Rosso Ercolano (PR102, PR101), Burnt umber, dark (PBr7), Sap green (PG36, PY154, PY110), Transparent cerulean (PB15:3) and Dioxazine violet (PV37).

Packaged in a mini metal tin for mixing with a tiny color chart. Each pan has a magnet on the bottom to hold paints in place while you are traveling. This pocket set comes with a size 6 Tintoretto synthetic bronzo travel brush with detachable handle that converts into a protective cap.

Each tin packaged with original marbled paper by Florentine artisan workshop Giulio Giannini e Figlio and comes in a gift box.

Please allow 7 days for us to prepare and pack your order.

Made from premium pigments, pure gum arabic crystals, local acacia honey, rosemary essential oil and a natural preservative. Every batch of paint is mulled by hand on a glass slab and poured into pans. Unlike commercially "extruded" paints, each pan is poured multiple times and dries over two to three weeks. This intensive process creates a very pigmented, easy to activate paint that fills the complete volume of the pan.

A. Gallo Colors are 100% handmade. Pans may contain imperfections like small bubbles and minor blemishes. This is a sign of the human touch that goes into making each and every pan and does not effect the quality of the paint.

Half pans present a choking hazard and are not intended for use by small children. Please also be mindful of your pets. All cadmium, cobalt, lead and mercury free.

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