Naturale 12 - Handmade Watercolor Set

Naturale 12 - Handmade Watercolor Set


Naturale 12 palette of special earth, mineral and plant based pigments! Natural tones treasured since antiquity, this collection is inspired by Roman Villa fresco painting. A combination of delicate and intense colors makes this palette perfect for naturalistic botanical artwork and atmospheric landscapes.

Some highlights of this collection include Rosso Ercolano (PR101, PR102) a vibrant red and orange earth blend from near Pompei. Blu di Zirconio (PB71), a surprising mineral blue pigment, often used as a cobalt-free, granulating cerulean. A deep Yellow ochre (PY43) from Morocco.

Morellone (PR101) a powerful, opaque iron oxide pigment that tends towards deep purple. Geniune Indigo (NB1) made from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. And a final favorite because of my Sicilian ancestry, Rosso Sartorio (PR102), a special volcanic earth found near Mount Etna in Sicily!

Handmade watercolor set of twelve individually wrapped half pans in a metal tin with two mixing surfaces, a DIY color chart printed on Arches watercolor paper, and an artist grade pocket brush by Tintoretto size 6. The Naturale 12 handmade watercolor set is packaged with original marbled paper by Florentine artisan workshop Giulio Giannini e Figlio and comes inside an elegant gift box.

Please allow 7 days for us to prepare and pack your order.

Buff titanium - PW6:1

Italian gold ochre - PY43

Moroccan yellow ochre - PY43

Rosso Ercolano - PR101, PR102

Rosso Sartorio - PR102

Morellone - PR101

Italian green umber - PBr8

Green earth - PG23

Green earth, cool (pigment blend by Zecchi) - PG23 abbellita

Slate gray - PBk19

Blu di zirconio - PB71

Indigo, genuine - NB1**

**NOTE: It is known that Geniune Indigo is not perfectly lightfast. If you prefer, we have a synthetic indigo (PB15, PBk7, PV19) that we can substitute. Let us know in the notes at checkout if you want this option.

Made from premium pigments, pure gum arabic crystals, local acacia honey, rosemary essential oil and a natural preservative. Every batch of paint is mulled by hand on a glass slab and poured into pans. Unlike commercially "extruded" paints, each pan is poured multiple times and dries over two to three weeks. This intensive process creates a very pigmented, luminous and pure paint that activates easily when wet.

A. Gallo Colors are 100% handmade. Pans may contain small imperfections like tiny bubbles and minor blemishes. This does not effect the quality of the paint and is a sign of the human touch that goes into making each and every unique pan!

Half pans present a choking hazard and are not intended for use by children. Please also keep out of reach of pets. A. Gallo Colors are all cadmium, cobalt, lead and mercury free.

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