Perylene maroon - half pan

Perylene maroon - half pan


PR179 | Excellent lightfastness | Transparent

A deep, evocative dark red color. Excellent for landscape, botanical or portrait work. An interesting lightfast alternative to alizarin crimson (PR83). It has a dark, warm, dull color without the bluish overtones common to all red and crimson quinacridone pigments. In watercolors PR179 undergoes a very large drying shift, lightening by 17% and losing 30% saturation.

Made from PR179 pigment, pure gum arabic crystals, local acacia honey, rosemary essential oil and a natural preservative. Every batch of paint is mulled by hand on a glass slab and poured into pans. Unlike commercially "extruded" paints, each pan is poured multiple times and dries over two to three weeks. This intensive process creates a very pigmented, luminous and pure paint that activates easily when wet.

Each half-pan is packaged in a small bag with original marbled paper by Florentine artisan workshop Giulio Giannini e Figlio.

A. Gallo Colors are 100% handmade. Pans may contain small imperfections like tiny bubbles and minor blemishes. This does not effect the quality of the paint and is a sign of the human touch that goes into making each and every unique pan.

Half pans present a choking hazard and are not intended for use by children. Please also keep out of reach of pets. All colors are cadmium, cobalt, lead and mercury free.

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